Hangleton Primary School

Hangleton Primary School, Dale View, Hove BN3 8LF

Hangleton Primary School

Dale View

Hove BN3 8LF

01273 294874




Pupils (4-11) 263

Absence 3.8%

Free school meals 12.6%

Special needs 0.8% (14.1%)

English not as first language 11.6%


KS2 pupils 94

Level 5 21% (22 of 44)

Level 4 69% (40 of 44)

Reading 88%

Writing 84%

Mathematics 78%


KS2 pupils 96

Level 5 18% (27 of 44)

Level 4 74% (32 of 44)

Reading 87%

Writing 96%

Mathematics 76%


Level 5 25% (18 of 43)

Level 4 83% (15 of 43)

Headteacher Emma Lake

Chair Lesley Walker

Created from the merger of Hangleton Infant School and Hangleton Junior School from January 2015

Inspection December 5 2013

Overall effectiveness Outstanding

"Since the time of the last inspection the school has gone from strength to strength. Typical of parents’ comments were, ‘The school is amazing’ and ‘It’s nurturing, warm and approachable, there’s always a hand to be held.’"; "Achievement is outstanding and all pupils, regardless of their background, age or ability, flourish in this exceptionally caring school."; "From starting points that are generally below those typically expected, pupils leave Year 2 having attained above, and often well above, the national average in reading, writing and mathematics. This represents outstanding progress."; "Teaching is typically outstanding and hardly ever less than good. Lessons are characterised by excellent relationships, carefully planned activities to meet the needs and interests of pupils, and highly effective support staff."