Homewood College

Homewood College, Queensdown School Road, off Lewes Road, Brighton BN1 7LA

Homewood College

Queensdown School Road, off Lewes Road

Brighton BN1 7LA

01273 604472



Community special school

Behaviour, emotional and social difficulty

Pupils (11-16) 40

Free school meals 65%

English not as first language 0%

Headteacher Mark Helstrip

Chair Elizabeth Wylie

Inspection March 14 2013

Overall effectiveness Good

"Strong leadership provided by the headteacher has led to ever-improving outcomes and many benefits for the students."; "The headteacher has been very well supported by the staff and the governing body in the quest to secure improvements."; "The achievements of most students are good. Their prior achievements are well below average for their age, reflecting their previously negative attitudes to education and their poor attendance records. Attitudes often change quickly and current outcomes are closer to national averages."; "Teaching is consistently good, with some that is outstanding. This makes a significant contribution to the students’ good progress and helps most to make big strides in their reading, writing, communication and mathematical skills."; "Achievement is not yet outstanding because in some lessons students are not offered enough opportunities to assess their work by discussing what they have learnt and how to work on improving their work."