St Mary Magdalen Catholic Primary School

St Mary Magdalen Catholic Primary School, Spring Street, Brighton BN1 3EF

St Mary Magdalen Catholic Primary School

Spring Street

Brighton BN1 3EF

01273 327533

Voluntary aided, Roman Catholic

Pupils (3-11) 229

Absence 4.7%

Free school meals 19.5%

Special needs 2.2% (23.1%)

English not as first language 57.6%


KS2 pupils 31

Level 5 6% (42 of 44)

Level 4 81% (28= of 44)

Reading 90%

Writing 87%

Mathematics 87%


KS2 pupils 32

Level 5 25% (20 of 44)

Level 4 75% (31 of 44)

Reading 93%

Writing 90%

Mathematics 86%


Level 5 9% (36= of 43)

Level 4 56% (41 of 43)

Headteacher Halden Eady

Chair Margaret McHugh

Inspection February 5 2014

Overall effectiveness Requires improvement

"Pupils’ results in all subjects are too low, including at the higher levels."; "Early Years Foundation Stage leaders’ expectations of children’s learning and progress are too low. They do not plan children’s learning carefully enough."; "Teaching, while considerably improved, is not yet consistently good. The raised quality of teaching has not yet led to high enough results. Pupils of all different abilities, including the more able, do not always receive enough challenge to enable them to achieve well."; "Recent improvements to leadership and management have invigorated the school. The headteacher, other leaders and governors have substantially raised expectations of teaching and pupils’ learning. As a result, pupils across most of the school now make rapid progress in all subjects."