The Dharma Primary School

The Dharma School, The White House, Ladies Mile Road, Patcham, Brighton BN1 8TB

The Dharma Primary School

The White House

Ladies' Mile Road


Brighton BN1 8TB

01273 502055

Pupils (3-11) 75

ISA, Buddhist

Termly fees £2,348

Headteacher Clare Eddison

ISI Inspection March 10 2015

"Achievement is sound. The school is not always successful in meeting some of its core objectives. Chilren in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) develop well because frequent checks on their progress mean teaching is planned to support them through the next step in their learning. Elsewhere, much of pupils' learning is through a variety of practical experiences, but these activities often take too long during lessons and do not develop in pupils a love of learning. Teaching is sound overall."; "Pupils' personal development is good because the frequent occasions when they talk about their feelings during pujas (class and whole school assemblies) mean they are emotionally literate. Pupils learn to listen to each other and to consider different perspectives which makes them compassionate and able to resolve conflict."; "Relationships are strong and pupils are well supported in a nurturing environment."; "Governance and leadership are sound."