Woodingdean Primary School

Woodingdean Primary School, Warren Road, Woodingdean, Brighton BN2 6BB

Woodingdean Primary School

Warren Road


Brighton BN2 6BB

01273 680811




Pupils (4-11) 406

Absence 4.2%

Free school meals 11.9%

Special needs 2.2% (27.1%)

English not as first language 5.1%


KS2 pupils 60

Level 5 18% (30 of 44)

Level 4 67% (41 of 44)

Reading 90%

Writing 77%

Mathematics 80%


KS2 pupils 61

Level 5 16% (31 of 44)

Level 4 77% (29 of 44)

Reading 97%

Writing 93%

Mathematics 97%


Level 5 11% (33 of 43)

Level 4 64% (39 of 43)

Headteacher Jonathan Whitfield

Chair Karen Meeres

Inspection June 25 2012

Overall effectiveness Good

"This s a good school. It is not yet outstanding because while teaching is mainly good or better, it is not consistently resulting in outstanding progress for pupils. Higher ability pupils are not always sufficiently challenged. In Reception, boys make slower progress in developing early writing skills than girls. Work in art and design is of high quality and is a notable strength of the school."; "Pupils make good progress and achieve well, although higher ability pupils do not always make the progress they could, and boys in Reception make slower progress in writing. Children start school with skills and abilities that are slightly below expectations and by the end of Year 6, pupils’ attainment is typically above average. In 2011, attainment dipped, especially in mathematics. However, pupils in the current Year 6 are once again performing at above the expected level."