Council criticised over late rubbish collections

Bins overflowing in Hove (Photograph: Maunie Catcheside)
Bins overflowing in Hove (Photograph: Maunie Catcheside)

Brighton and Hove City Council has apologised over the ‘terrible inconvenience’ caused to residents by late bin collections.

It said the issues were caused by a temporary shortage of drivers as a result of ‘annual leave and sudden sickness’.

Bins overflowing in Hove (Photograph: Maunie Catcheside)

Bins overflowing in Hove (Photograph: Maunie Catcheside)

Last week Maunie Catcheside posted pictures on Twitter of huge piles of rubbish left in the streets in Hove.

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Council misses rubbish and recycling collection targets

Miss Catcheside said: “It’s been days since the communal bins in central Hove have been emptied.

“We have to live amongst this mess. Please sort it.”

She told the Brighton & Hove Independent: “The rubbish is on the main road, next to George Street. All the shoppers are having to walk past this. It has been mounting up for days it’s disgraceful. Why people continue to leave their rubbish here when they can see it isn’t being collected only adds to the problem.

“Thankfully the weather isn’t as hot as past weeks as this would make the situation even worse. Hopefully it will be resolved soon but I haven’t been given an indication of timeframes from BHCC.”

Miss Catcheside said after posting the pictures on social media the rubbish was collected.

This follows a recent petition to the council about rubbish and recycling collections in Brighton and Hove, which ran in June and July.

It was signed by over 750 people and will be presented to the environment, transport and sustainability committee meeting on October 9 for consideration.

And a Green Party councillor this week accused Brighton and Hove City Council’s Labour leadership of trying to distance itself from Cityclean’s failure to collect many residents’ rubbish on time.

On Twitter, Phélim Mac Cafferty, councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide, highlighted reports of overflowing bins in Palmeira Avenue and said the Labour leadership was once again attempting to distance itself from the problem.

Cllr Cafferty said: “Communal recycling bins the western length of Brunswick Place are overflowing and need emptying.”

He called on Cityclean, the council’s refuse collection service, to take swift action to rectify the situation.

Meanwhile, the council has said it recognises that there are a lot of missed collections taking place throughout the city at the moment.

In a statement, it said: “We apologise for the terrible inconvenience this is causing our residents and businesses.

“The problems are mainly being caused by a temporary shortage of drivers and collectors due to annual leave and sudden sickness.

“These kind of staff shortages are normally covered by agency staff, however even the agencies are finding it difficult to provide us with properly trained and qualified people.

“The staff we do have at present are working very hard to get things back to normal as soon as possible, and although we know it’s extremely frustrating, we ask for people to bear with us and we’ll resolve these issues.”

The council also said residents should ensure all rubbish is placed in bins correctly and separated properly.

It also encouraged the public to visit its website to receive information on collections and for the best ways to contact Cityclean in order to report missed collections, overflowing bins or to request a street clean.