Fly-tipping police could patrol Brighton and Hove streets

Council to take ''firm action'' against those who ''wilfully and deliberately fly-tip''.

A team of fly-tipping police could patrol the streets of Brighton and Hove, taking ''firm action'' against those who ''wilfully and deliberately fly-tip''.

Warren Morgan, leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, told the Brighton and Hove Independent that the team will issue fines to anyone caught dumping their rubbish around the city.

fly tipping (1)He issued a warning to fly-tippers: ''If you dump it we will come after you and fine you. That's a promise.''

Fly-tippers dumping furniture or building waste next to a communal bin in the city and avoiding the cost of disposing of it themselves, will not be tolerated, Cllr Morgan said.

The move will come at no additional cost to the council: it says it has the capacity within the existing Cityclean team to kick start the project, and the fines issued will bring in additional income.

The council said in 2014/15 it issued 439 written warnings, 10 verbal warnings and gave site advice to 27 businesses in relation to waste issues, with 80 fixed penalty notices issued.

Fly-tipping includes anything from putting a TV in a communal bin to dumping a van's contents on the street.

The details of the new scheme - such as the size of the new team - will be outlined in the environment committee meeting in October, with hopes that the service will start early next year.

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