Funds available to showcase city's digital creatives

Laserlight Synth, Brighton Digital Festival 2014
Laserlight Synth, Brighton Digital Festival 2014

Digital arts and culture events can benefit from up to £1,000 in funding to put on an event at this year's Brighton Digital Festival.

The Grassroots Fund is now open for bids, and will support independently organised events that would not go ahead without the funding.

Pattern Recognition (Photograph: Hugo Glendinning)

Pattern Recognition (Photograph: Hugo Glendinning)

To qualify for the award, events must take place in Brighton and Hove during the festival (September 14 to October 13), be open to the public, and encourage the local community to engage with digital culture.

Festival director Laurence Hill, said: “The Grassroots funding initiative plays an important role in delivering one of the key elements of the festival’s new manifesto and I’m always excited to see the events that are submitted.”

The Brighton Digital Festival aims to 'be a vehicle for social change, connecting people from communities across the city with opportunities for expressing their creativity, for exploration of digital culture and understanding how digital culture is shaping their future'.

To apply for funding, email with answers to the following questions:

- Your vision: What is your event? Why do you want to do it?

- Your plan: What do you need to do to make it happen? When will this occur? What have you done already?

- Your audience: Who is it for? How many people is it for? How will you market your event?

- Your budget: What are your costs? What will this money pay for? What other sources of income do you have? (Please say whether these are expected or confirmed)

Submissions must be submitted by midday on July 10, 2017.

Brighton Digital Festival 2017 takes place from September 14 to October 13.