‘Big conversation’ on future of NHS in Brighton and Hove


A controversial health and social care plan for the region is being discussed at a public engagement meeting next week.

Brighton and Hove CCG (clinical commissioning group) is hosting ‘The Big Health and Care Conversation’; to discuss the future of healthcare in the area, and the Sustainability Transformation plan (STP).

The STPs aim to further integrate health and social care to save costs across the country, and the plan for Sussex and East Surrey’s NHS system is aiming to save £530m over the next four years. Sussex and East Surrey is one of 44 areas across the country to produce a plan to deliver changes needed to save billions of pounds over the next few years.

The area’s STP, published in November, explains how health organisations will aim to work together to improve the quality of care patients receive, make it easier to see a GP or to use specialist services, and deliver services with the money available.

Brighton CCG is launching The Big Health and Care Conversation on Tuesday, July 4, and it will involve six months of engagement with the public.

It said there will be an opportunity to hear about latest STP developments at next week’s meetings, and for residents to air their views on the plans.

A spokesperson for the CCG said: “At the launch event on the July 4 we will be discussing our new ‘Caring Together’ programme, which is the work the CCG and council are jointly doing to improve all health and care for Brighton and Hove residents. We will also be discussing how this fits into the wider future health and care needs across Sussex.”

The event takes place in the Brighton Dome cafe from 10am to 1pm.

The CCG said: “In terms of the timing, we are aware that not everyone can attend this event and it is important to stress that this is the start of the big conversation.

“There will be many opportunities for people to give their views over the next six months and we will be holding engagement events at different times of the day and in different places within the city to ensure we reach as many people as possible.

“We will be going out and about as much as possible to go to where people are, rather than expect them to come to us. We will also be holding a ‘Big health and care survey’ to get people’s views across the city and will be using social media to give people who we have not talked to face-to-face the chance to have their say.”

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