Brighton’s men need to loosen up

Freedom Leisure is keen to encourage people to stretch more
Freedom Leisure is keen to encourage people to stretch more

The men of Brighton need to loosen up a bit according to a local leisure centre operator which wants to them to stretch their way to good health during National Men’s Health Week (June 12-18),

Freedom Leisure, which operates seven centres in Brighton and Hove on behalf of Brighton and Hove City Council, detail the importance of stretching and flexibility-based exercise in it’s new blog - stretching-and-flexibility

In a bid to lose weight, many people will start exercising, often including cardio and strength training but do not consider stretching and flexibility work a priority.

This can lead to problems, such as injuries and decreased flexibility and joint movement.

Chris Lovelock, Freedom Leisure Area Manager, said: “We know that many people often overlook the importance of stretching as part of their exercise routine – especially men! Here in Brighton and Hove we have around 30 weekly Yoga, Pilates, Stretch and Body Balance classes across the centres offering classes in the area, so we simply want to take the opportunity that Men’s Health Week and National Yoga Day provides – to say to men… just think about it, come along to centres a try just one class, you won’t regret it.”

For further information about centres in your area visit Freedom Leisure