It's beautiful up here: Brighton i360 soars to tallest structure in Sussex

It's official. Brighton i360 tower has become the tallest building in Sussex

View to west at approx 80 metresIt's official. At 6pm on Thursday (August 6), the Brighton i360 tower became the tallest building in Sussex - having reached a height of 120 metres. And there's still about 50 metres to go.

Eleanor Harris, the i360's chief executive, said: “The i360 is now the tallest structure in Sussex - taller than Shoreham Power Station, which previously was the tallest structure, and Sussex Heights in Brighton and Hove, which was the tallest building, and other famous landmarks such as Chichester Cathedral and the Gatwick Air Traffic Control tower.

"Up close the tower is an incredibly elegant and beautiful piece of architecture, soaring up into the sky and it will be fantastic to see the tower revealed in all its glory when the square jacking tower, used to build the tower, is removed next month.

“I was fortunate to go up the jacking tower at the weekend with the construction engineers and already the view from 60 metres is stunning. I can’t wait to see the views from the i360 when it opens next summer and the pod will glide up to 138 metres - more than double the height of the jacking tower.”

i360GraffitiA team of top international graffiti artists will attempt to cover 100 metres of hoardings at the i360 site this weekend after being brought together by Aroe, the local graffiti artist. It will be the second time the site’s hoardings are handed over to graffiti artists, with Aroe and his collaborators having already decorated part of the site back in September last year.