Labour: Hove Library move is a great opportunity

Peter Kyle, MP for Hove
Peter Kyle, MP for Hove

Party responds to Save Hove Library campaign.

As Labour sets out plans to move Hove Library to an extended museum, Conservative councillor Robert Nemeth explains why he is backing the Save Hove Library campaign set up by the Greens.

Here's what the Labour Group has to say:

The more residents hear about the proposals for a new Hove library at the Hove Museum site, the more they are getting behind the plans.

Local Labour councillors Clare Moonan and Tom Bewick have been talking to residents on the doorstep about the plans. They have also joined forces with Peter Kyle, MP for Hove and Portslade, to deliver a newsletter asking residents for their views. Over 70 per cent of responders backed relocating the library to Hove Museum as part of a new cultural hub.

Peter Kyle, MP for Hove, said: “We must take the new proposal seriously because feedback from residents shows that there is interest in a truly modern, community-focussed cultural facility. My priority is to support the council in ensuring no library service is cut in Hove and if we can do this by creating an inter-generational, cultural hub then this proposal should be taken seriously.”

Cllr Bewick said: “There were over 45,000 less visits to the current Hove Library in 2014/5 than in 2012/3 and, due to high maintenance, costs per visit are about double that of the Jubilee Library. Keeping the library in the current 1908 building threatens the future of seven other community libraries. Campaigners seem to be against any change, and have left the public thinking Hove’s library is closing when our proposals will save a local library service.

“Labour is working hard to let Hove residents know that relocating the library service as part of a rejuvenated Hove museum is a great opportunity.”