Madeira Terrace campaigners call on council to restore arches by Concorde 2

Jax Atkins and Derek Wright are campaigning to save the Maderia Terraces
Jax Atkins and Derek Wright are campaigning to save the Maderia Terraces

Campaigners fighting to restore the crumbling arches on Madeira Terrace have launched an online petition urging the council to reconsider their plans for the promenade.

The petition suggests that rather than using crowdfunded cash to renovate three of the arches at the western end of the terrace, close to Palace Pier, it would make more sense to restore ones that are closer to Concorde 2.

The arches clos to the Concorde 2

The arches clos to the Concorde 2

Jax Atkins, who has been striving to save Madeira Terrace for a number of years, said: “We really need this petition to make people listen to us, and encourage other people to join in [the campaign] because it feels like we’re being ignored.”

The crowdfunding campaign, set up by Brighton and Hove City Council in 2017, raised more than £450,000, and it was hoped that by restoring three of the arches the council would then have a better understanding of how much it would cost to renovate the other 148.

Mrs Atkins says that the three arches chosen by the council are untypical, and so any subsequent costing plans will be flawed.

She said: “It’s better to have [the renovation work] delayed even longer and do something that’s right, rather than do something that’s not right.”

Mrs Atkins also argues that moving the work to the other end of the Madeira Terrace makes good business sense, and would help create a solid business plan that could release a further £1m of funding.

While hopes of fully restoring the arches, estimated to cost £24m, suffered a setback late last year when a second bid for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund was turned down, Mrs Atkins and fellow campaigner Derek Wright continue remain optimistic about the future of the project.

“I’m very optimistic, it might take a long time, but this is still just the start,” said Mr Wright.

“We’re prepared to keep the momentum going, to keep running events, and continue appealing to all different parts of the community in order to ensure the campaign remains in the public eye.”

Plans are already in place for another raffle to raise more money for the campaign, and later in the year Mrs Atkins and Mr Wright intend to hold a bric-à-brac sale on the seafront, with all proceeds going towards the Save Madeira Terrace fund.

For more information on future fundraising events, visit the group’s Facebook page, and those wishing to view the petition can do so here.