Martlets celebrates its heroes for Hospice Care Week

Philip Morgan is a volunteer discharge buddy at Martlets Hospice
Philip Morgan is a volunteer discharge buddy at Martlets Hospice

A Hove hospice is highlighting the people who work behind the scenes to quietly care for the patients and their families, ahead of Hospice Care Week.

This year’s Hospice Care Week, which starts tomorrow (October 9), has a theme of ‘We are hospice care’.

Martlets Hospice is set to highlight he many faces of hospice care, and share workers inspiring stories, from nurses to volunteers, chefs to chaplains and corporate partners to carers.

Jason Simmonds is responsible for managing a dedicated team of 12 to ensure that the hospice and its wards are kept spotless 365 days of the year.

He said, “Everyone, throughout the hospice, contributes to providing truly holistic care and everyone’s role is valued. We all have our part to play in caring for the patients.”

Philip Morgan is a volunteer discharge buddy, and said: “I’m there for people who are in the process of moving from the hospice back to home, or perhaps a nursing home, supporting them and helping them to be as comfortable as possible. It’s all about helping the patient to regain their independence and feel settled back into life at home.”

Senior auxiliary nurse Cynthia Kanyangarara said: “It’s a very special place and I find it such rewarding work; I go home knowing that I’ve done something good and helped someone to have a better day. Martlets really is a wonderful place.”

Imelda Glackin, Martlets CEO, said: “Hospice Care Week is an excellent opportunity for us to highlight and thank our wonderful staff, volunteers and supporters. We really have an amazing team and everyone works tirelessly to support patients and their families from across the Brighton & Hove area.

“They are the unsung heroes who make Martlets so special; their dedication, care and humanity is absolutely awe-inspiring.

“It makes me very proud.”