Meet Doktor Haze, the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown

Brighton Kemptown's only independent candidate for the upcoming snap election is the leader of a world-touring circus.

Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 2:44 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 5:22 am

Doktor Haze, the creator and ringmaster of the Circus of Horrors, will face up against the three other candidates, all party representatives.

Mr Haze, also known as John Hayes Mabley, said: “I would want to be able to represent the people of Kemptown properly and say ‘well actually this is what we want’, without a leader, the Jeremy Corbyns or the Theresa Mays, saying you can’t do that.”

Despite having no previous political experience Mr Haze believes his quirky but relevant take on current politics is an alternative vote.

Doktor Haze

“Jeremy Corbyn had the cheek to call a three-line whip on a recent Brexit bill in favour of a EU exit,” he said.

“I’m sure many of the politicians didn’t agree with this but they went along and did it.

“The people vote for their constituency MPs and they should carry out what people vote for. They shouldn’t be told by their leader to vote a different way.”

With a registered address in Wimbledon, Mr Haze’s manifesto, set to be released on Wednesday, May 17, won’t be dealing with any issues effecting the constituency.

Mr Haze said: “If you want a candidate that will stand on local issues don’t vote for me. I will do everything I can to find out about local issues if I am elected, and if you want someone that is looking at the bigger picture, like Brexit, politician’s behaviour in the House of Commons and so on then vote for me.”

The Circus of Horrors has two shows coming up in Brighton but their leader insists his political effort is not an attempt to increase ticket sales.

Mr Haze said: “I love Brighton. It’s a colourful, lively and very liberal place. All things that I believe in. I think that the values in Brighton should be nationwide.

“For me diversity is very important. The country needs to be more tolerant on the way people look and places like Brighton are great for that.”

A slightly satirical touch permeates some of Mr Haze’s policies in light of him once being asked by Screaming Lord Sutch to run for the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Mr Haze said: “All people who own band t-shirts will be asked questions on that band to allow them to wear that t-shirt.”

A poster for the businessman’s campaign said: “Because in a world of horrors your country needs a ringmaster.”

Other candidates standing in Brighton Kemptown are: Simon Kirby for the Conservatives, Lloyd Russell-Moyle for Labour and Emily Tester for the Liberal Democrats.