Clare Moonan: Night shelter is one way of helping city’s homeless

This Sunday, the council will be opening a winter night shelter for local rough sleepers at the Brighton Centre.

Phelim Mac Cafferty

Phelim Mac Cafferty: Brexit, ‘What a fine mess you’ve gotten us into’

Laurel and Hardy were possibly not anticipating Brexit when they coined the phrase ‘another fine mess you’ve gotten us into’ but it neatly sums up the last few weeks.

Rt Rev Richard Jackson, Bishop of Lewes

Finding hope in a bigger story

This year I saw the first Christmas TV ad on September 15th.

Andy Winter is the chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust

Andy Winter: Help those without a home this Christmas

My dear old mum died at Christmas 12 years ago.  I think I miss her more with every passing year.
Jason Kluver is the chief operating officer ofShadowFoundr.

Shadow Foundr: Now we have an industrial strategy, let’s make it work

Ideas and innovation are at the heart of the Industrial Strategy White Paper published by the government last week.

Tony Janio

Tony Janio: It’s really not all doom, gloom and disaster

Recently published ‘wellbeing’ data for the UK showed a significant improvement in life satisfaction and an overall increase in happiness.

Warren Morgan, the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council SUS-170126-092210001

Warren Morgan: City has played its part to save Madeira Terraces

We did it. Not just me and the council, but the community, the city, residents, businesses and organisations coming together to act to save a valued part of our local heritage.

Kerry Watkins, social media consultant and trainer at Social Brighton.

Brighton Chamber: Top tips for Facebook advertising

With the inevitable decline of organic reach on Facebook, many businesses have realised that they need to get on board with Facebook advertising to reach their target customers.

Jo Gough, CEO of Rise

RISE: Drum out domestic abuse at city march

If you hear raucous shouts and drumming in the city at 2pm next Saturday (December 9) it may be the approach of the RISE Drum Out Abuse March.
Ed Cassidy

On Your Marks: Startling statistic opened my eyes

In my conversion with Ed Cassidy a senior manager in mental health commissioning for Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCGs (see last week’s column) he told me a startling statistic that approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime.

Cllr Phelim Mac Cafferty will call on the council to sign up  to the plastic-free pledge, and encourage others in the city to do so

Phelim MacCafferty: We deserve better - both nationally and locally

This week, we heard from the Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond on the state of the country’s finances and locally, the Leader of the Council Warren Morgan announced Labour’s plans for the city’s budget. 
But when it comes to both budgets, both have buried the bad news in the small print.

Warren Morgan, the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council

Warren Morgan: Protecting services in the face of Government cuts

My job is to keep the services you need from your local council going. 
Fundamentally that is the purpose of the council budget proposals that we publish this time each year. Everyone knows it’s getting harder to do that.

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

The light of truth

Advent Calendars have hit the high street in a big way as an attractive by-product of the Christmas shopping bonanza.

Jo Fuller: Battling the Imposter Syndrome

Jo Fuller: Battling the Imposter Syndrome

Are you aware of, or do you ever experience Imposter Syndrome?

Ed Cassidy, a senior manager in mental health commissioning for Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCGs

On Your Marks: Life is stressful, and we want to make it less so

In the first of these columns, I spoke to Dr Minesh Patel from the CCG, and something he said really resonated with me. He said that he had prescribed someone with anxiety and depression to do a parkrun - and it really helped.
Tony Janio

Tony Janio: We’ll work with other parties – unlike Labour

At a recent meeting of the Full Council, Conservative councillors tabled a motion calling for Government ministers to ensure that any resident of Brighton and Hove transitioning from the complexity of six separate state benefits onto Universal Credit will have the financial assistance necessary to make the switch as seamless as possible.

Warren Morgan, the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council SUS-170126-092210001

Warren Morgan: We will do more to provide affordable homes

This week I saw what local government can do to meet the housing needs of local residents.

The Burning the Clocks lantern parade (Photograph: Ray Gibson)

Burning the Clocks: Get behind city’s winter solstice parade

As the largest community arts charity in the South East, at Same Sky we organise some of the city’s biggest public events including the cherished Brighton Festival Children’s Parade and Otherworld.
Ammar Alanbuki

Column: Look out for the symptoms of prostate cancer

Moustaches are back in vogue this month as men show their support for prostate cancer awareness.
Jo Cooke, Team Domenica

Team Domenica: Providing a sense of direction and purpose

Launched in the vibrant city of Brighton and Hove, Team Domenica helps young adults with learning disabilities find and retain employment, giving them a sense of direction, purpose and belonging in their local community.
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