A connected city will solve problems ahead

"Brighton and Hove Connected" is a citywide strategic partnership.

"Brighton and Hove Connected" is a citywide strategic partnership that brings together representatives from many major organisations, including the council, the universities, businesses, and community groups.

The phrase "connected city" reflects how so much of what our city does is through our connections, including business links between the digital and creative sectors, and transport links to our city region and London.

Every four years, this strategic partnership draws up a plan for the coming period, setting out how we will all work together and tackle key issues for Brighton and Hove.

We all have different but overlapping aims. So it makes sense to coordinate our contributions to solving the issues that ahead.

The recently-launched 2014 strategy sets out what we have achieved since 2010 - and what we,asacity,needtodointhe coming years to build a resilient and dynamic place to live, work, and visit.

[quote]It makes sense to coordinate our contributions to solving the issues that ahead[/quote]

For example, Brighton and Hove is expected to have grown by 16,000 people by the next census in 2021. The only way to keep our city moving and economy growing is to get our residents, visitors, goods and services around more efficiently. Which means more people travelling by sustainable

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transport, and less congestion. This shift also has huge benefits with people being more physically active and fewer people with health problems from pollution – which saves the NHS money.

So, as a city, we have agreed that we should promote cycling and walking as efficient ways of moving around. This will have economic, health, and environmental benefits for everyone.

As a city, we have a great track record on working together to reduce inequality, create new jobs, and improve the prospects for our young people.

With more difficult financial times ahead for many, and new challenges to deal with, it is more important than ever that we continue on in partnership.

To read the strategy and find out more, visit: www.bhconnected.org.uk