Best wishes on my 2015 wish-list

Instead of rounding up 2014, I am going to outline some of the lines that remain on my wish-list.

John-Masters-Organics-Reconstructing-Shampoo-Intensive-Conditioner-close-upInstead of rounding up the terrific brands featured in 2014, I am going to outline some of the lines that remain on my wish-list.

I haven't indulged much in chemical-free nail polishes yet, but as a great manicure never goes amiss I will round up some of the best for spring.

There are way more brilliant haircare ranges than I have had time for, so I will try to have look at premium brands such as John Masters to update you on their performance.

As savvy consumers, we are blessed with a huge array of websites to buy from - and blogs to learn from. Whether you want to go DIY and make small batch supplies at home or shop for classic brands, I will continue to flag the key products that impress me in terms of their key actives and value for money.

I always enjoy a realistic look at the affordable end of the market for everyday use, so I will try to flag some hero products from Jason, Weleda, and Faith in Nature. You can often find bulk offers on their staple lines at Infinity Foods in North Road, Brighton.

I was wandering through the lanes with my family over Christmas and realised that Kiehl's used to be an old-world apothecary in New York's East Village over 150 years ago. Its unique blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge has developed over generations, so I will have a look at their ranges and update you on what you can source from the shop right here in Brighton.

Sometimes people are put off because organic brands cost more, but they don't necessarily have to if you shop with care and read the labels. I am never immune to a natural bargain and often find wonderful end-of-lines upstairs at the TK Maxx Homesense shop by the Clock Tower.

Last year, I picked up some lesser-known brands; a few are easy to spot with Ecocert symbols on. An American favourite was a brand called Petal Fresh, which I discovered through a superb Rosemary and Mint hand and body lotion that was under a fiver. I also sourced some heavily-reduced Neom hand cream and candles, which are normally available only at the scary upper-end of premium prices. There are plenty of Argan oil hair products in here as well, but check carefully if you want the whole product to be organic, because most of them aren't.

I regularly buy Savonnier de Provence soaps from Homesense. The fabulous flavours include fig, olive, Argan oil, and, of course, lavender.

I was a late convert to liquid soaps, probably because I preferred the packaging for bars and I tend to bury them in lingerie drawers to unearth and use throughout the year. The liquid dispensers, however, are far more useful when you need something mild and fragrant to hand in the kitchen or for showering after a busy day.

These days, I tend to see packaging in more environmental terms and can do without it in excess, despite the obvious beauty of some soap-wrappers, which can live on to line your sock drawers if you hoard them for a second life.

I am always attracted to lovely scents and spotted the new Eden shop with a huge array of perfumes to customise. I will go in and meet the team on Western Road to learn more about how they operate.

I haven't covered Odilique yet, and their ranges look seductively effective. Another established brand that I haven't reviewed yet is Dr Hauschka.

There isn't enough space for my long list. If readers have any particular favourites to recommend, don't hesitate to share them. Have a happy and healthy new year everyone.