Brighton Chamber: Top tips for brilliant DIY business video

Paul Curran
Paul Curran

What would you rather do – read five pages of text or watch a two minute video?

If you’re like me it’s the video every time. Video is an incredibly powerful way to engage with audiences and that’s why more and more businesses are making video a key part of their marketing mix.

There’s one problem, although a lot cheaper than it was ten years ago, video stills need deep pockets if you want professionals to produce regular content for your website and social media platforms.

Of course with technology easier to use and less expensive than ever, there’s no reason why you can’t produce decent video yourself. If you know where to start! For me the starting point is in your pocket – your smartphone. Most modern smartphones shoot video in High Definition (HD) or even 4k –perfect for YouTube etc. So what do you need to consider when shooting a video to showcase you or your business? Here are five top tips.

- Framing - When you are filming an interview don’t fall into the trap of shooting someone from so far back they are lost in the frame. People love faces so make sure your subject’s face is large in the frame and aim to have their eyes two thirds to three quarters of the way up the screen. Also offset them to one side so they have some ‘looking room’.

- Sound – Don’t underestimate how important decent audio is to a video. Video isn’t just moving pictures particularly vlogs, case studies and testimonials. So invest in a microphone. I’d recommend a lavalier or tie mic that plugs into your headphone socket.

- Focus – Nothing cries out ‘amateur’ more than an out of focus interview. Smartphones do a good job with autofocus but in certain circumstances it’s safer and better to lock the focus. Google how to do it for your particular make and model.

- Lighting – Smartphones are great at coping with most light conditions but every now and then they will struggle. For instance if you shoot an interview with your subject in front of a bright window their face will be dark. If you’re shooting outside an overcast day is your friend because the light will be more even.

- Tripods – If you’re serious about producing decent video buy a tripod – it’ll make your shots look way more professional.

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