Emotional decluttering will energise your business

If feeling stuck or overwhelmed with your business sounds familiar, you’ll appreciate the value of clarity, creativity and focus to get things moving. Yet, when work itself is the cause, how do you break the vicious cycle, so your business can flourish?

Friday, 15th March 2019, 1:01 pm
Muzammal Hussain

The solution lies in applying effective tactics to release emotional clutter that is clouding the mind.

Doing so will open space to think, focus and become meaningfully productive.

Here are my four top tips to emotionally declutter to jump-start your business:

1. Acceptance

When you’re emotionally overwhelmed, it can be tempting to distract yourself and push emotions back down, so you don’t have to feel them!

Yet pushing emotions down doesn’t get rid of them - at least not for long - but it does drain your energy, and they’ll surface again or run the show in the background.

Instead of resisting emotions, it’s wiser to accept them.

So, whether you’re feeling frustration, fear, confusion or anything else, try this when you have a few minutes: Close your eyes, then name the emotion you are feeling in your body.

Let yourself feel it fully. You’ll notice that as you accept it, it will eventually dissipate. You will feel lighter, fresh energy will come in and you may even discover insights pivotal for your next key business step.

2. Listening

It’s a huge asset to have a trusted person who can listen without judging and asks questions that tune your attention to what’s really going on.

Such support helps the knots to unravel, your own answers to be revealed and a meaningful direction to emerge.

3. Play

Can you find an opportunity that allows you to express parts of your personality that don’t usually come out? If you can connect with kids or willing adults through a playful game, you’re in for a treat. You’ll feel more connected, stuck emotions will shift and those creative business juices will get flowing again.

4. Nature

How might it feel to immerse yourself in the wonder and magic of the birds, bees and trees?

Why not head to the woods, either alone, with others or with your team? Suggest including a period of intentional silence while tuning into your surroundings using the senses.

This will help emotional pressure to ease and thoughts to settle. You’ll return with a clearer perspective on key actions to leverage your business forwards.

Emotional decluttering is a powerful strategy to transform overwhelm and that feeling of being stuck in your business. Apply one or more of these tips as part of your productivity plan, and you’ll benefit both your business and your wellbeing.

Muzammal Hussain is the founder of Dr Muzammal ~ Restorative Wholeness.

He is leading a Bite-sized Learning: Re-energise your business with emotional decluttering on March 26.

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