Ethical beauty: Pure Handmade and British

PHB?s award-winning Aloe and Lavender Skin Repair Gel
PHB?s award-winning Aloe and Lavender Skin Repair Gel

A LoveLula newsletter urged me to meet the new face of ethical beauty.

Last month, a LoveLula newsletter urged me to meet the new face of ethical beauty. This is not a visage, but a brand that aims at standing for everything good in natural beauty.

Pure Handmade and British was founded by Rose Brown, a 24-year-old British entrepreneur. Rose is the daughter of James Brown, the UB40 drummer and songwriter. She started PHB Ethical Beauty in 2012 with her partner, John. They are both vegan and they began with a small shop in Birmingham.

PHB does not cost the earth - neither in monetary, nor planetary senses - and has already broken three world records: It is the youngest company to open franchise stores in five countries; it has created the biggest range of certified vegan and halal beauty; and it is the first retailer dedicated to selling them.

I got stuck in with some testing. I made a beeline for PHB’s anti-ageing Moisturiser with Monoï Oil and Gardenia (£17.95 for 50ml). The cream has a very potent smell, far stronger than you would expect in a facial treatment. I love the ancient Polynesian approach of infusing gardenia flowers in coconut oil, and the gardenia encourages collagen synthesis. Vogue magazine said: “The texture, scent and noticeable results will leave you astounded”.

PHB’s Aloe and Lavender Skin Repair Gel won "Best Product for Problem Skin, Silver Award" at the Free From Skincare Awards 2014. Unisex, fresh, and calming relief for sunburn and eczema. Keep it by the first aid kit (£13.75 for 120ml).

PHB will give 15% of net profits to charity each year and the company is setting up The OneLove Foundation to help people and animals. Rose is very passionate: “Many big brands claim not to test on animals, but are still happy to sell their products in China - where animal-testing is a prerequisite. There’s still a long way to go in the fight against animal-testing.”

I’m saving my PHB Mascara review for a round-up in a few weeks. I couldn't find anything called "Cherry Oh Baby", but I salute my fellow Midlanders nonetheless. Now you understand PHB’s Ethical Beauty Revolution, perhaps you will share their values and try their stuff. It's heartening to find good beauty products with stringent certifications sold this affordably

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