Immoral abusers of blue badges

It is easy to be cynical.

It is easy to be cynical.

You are walking in The Lanes. Or past the car park at the rear of Brighton Station. Or near any of the double yellow lines in the city centre.

Suddenly, you see someone jump out of their 4x4 or their Audi A8, or their Jaguar. Off they dash, often alone, to do their shopping, catch their train, or run into the restaurant.

And then you notice they have a blue badge on the dashboard. Part of you feels angry; part of your feels guilty.

Of course, they may have a disability. Just not an obvious one.

Undoubtedly - and thankfully - not all people with disabilities are so poor they can't afford a brand new 4x4 or a £60,000 high-end Audi.

But with one in five blue badges being used fraudulently, it makes you think.

And it shouldn't.

We should all support those genuinely in need - and crack down on the immoral abusers of the blue-badge system.