Inika is perfect for this time of year

Inika’s full natural makeup range is now available in more than 16 countries.

LIP TINT - COSMICLIP TINT - CHERISHA phenomenal success since its inception in 2006, Inika’s full natural makeup range is now available in more than 16 countries.

Founded by a dynamic woman who sought to avoid endocrine disruptors when she battled ill health, the story of how they came to be is as almost as exciting as the end products.

Miranda Bond may have run workshops on toxic-free living for a short time, but she now has a thriving beauty empire to keep her and Jenni Williams busier than ever.

At this time of year, when it is all kissy and glam around the mistletoe, you could do worse than sport a natural organic lip from a luxury organic cosmetics brand.

Their advanced botanical formulas are free from synthetic and chemical talcs, GM, fillers, PEGs, and parabens; Inika is also halal and cruelty-free. They incorporate mineral makeup and vegan and organic products that are completely free from synthetic or harmful ingredients.

With colours this good, you aren’t compromising on fashion either. I was dying to try the Ultimate Lip Tint called Cherish, which has a grapey colour. I had go on Candy, a delicate pinky pearl, but I keep going back to Cosmic for daywear. This is a sweet terracotta shade that is a bit pinkish. It doesn’t smear too much on your sherry glass and it isn’t too full on - so natural-looking more mature readers will approve.

Inika Ultimate Lip Tints are creamy balms. They are made with a hint of colour in candelilla wax (a vegan alternative to beeswax), plus carnauba wax for moisturisation.

Hydrating Shea Butter, sunflower oil, and coconut soften and condition - while the organic peppermint peps you up with a hint of freshness (£15.50 from

Inika Mineral Setting Powder lends an invisible matte dusting to keep everything where it should be and to maintain active shine control (£17).

I also tried the Mineral Blush Puff Pot in Rosy Glow, which is rather pretty (again at £17). The texture is soft and the lack of fillers means that the pigment is super-concentrated for a lasting, youthful glow.

The little shadow pots in Burnt Sienna and Copper Crush are also great (£14.50). You can use this as a regular shadow and layer it up - or add water using a fine liner brush to make a shimmering swirl to add some drama.