Let’s be patient with the challenges of a new term

Cllr Daniel Yates, Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council
Cllr Daniel Yates, Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council

September always marks a change in many aspects of our city and its activities. 
The end of the busy summer holiday season and the end of school holidays means many families adapting to new schools, news classes and a return to work for many.

During this month a new influx of students will arrive in the city, hoping to start building their student lives and the future careers plans through developing their education at one of the city’s great universities or colleges.

For each of those starting a new phase of life within the city I would like to wish them great success over this next stage.

In a vibrant city such as Brighton and Hove we know we have so many opportunities for people to develop, learn and grow. Our schools, colleges and universities have strong reputations, great results and can help each of them to reach their potential and to unlock their future opportunities.

A good start to life, including a great education, brings benefits across the whole of our lives and for the whole community. Education isn’t just a positive for the individual student but allows them to contribute more to society (and not just in taxes) and to help our whole community to become stronger, more resilient and to prosper as a city. However – as with all new starts there will also be some requirements for us all to be a little patient…

The start of a new term often brings greater pressures on our transport infrastructure, with more car journeys, new bus users and newer cyclists and pedestrians all finding their way around. This may cause frustration or increase others’ journey times initially, but as with all things a little consideration and patience can go a long way.

If we all put some thought into our choices and type of journey, then we can all do our bit to keep things moving and avoid causing unnecessary delays. But let’s remember the big thing – these novices are starting bigger life journeys with small steps that will one day see them being in our place – and I for one hope they reach their destination and enjoy the journey too.

Cllr Daniel Yates is the Leader of the Labour Group on

Brighton & Hove City Council