Let’s believe in the great things we can all achieve

Cllr Steve Bell, leader of the Conservative Group on Brighton & Hove City Council
Cllr Steve Bell, leader of the Conservative Group on Brighton & Hove City Council

In my last article I laid out a number of issues that the new Prime Minister would have to address.

I was encouraged to hear these mentioned not only when Boris Johnson delivered a speech from the steps of Downing Street but also during his statement of Priorities for the Government to the House of Commons.

I am pleased that he has already listened to the voice of the public – and to reason – and has made commitments to tackle so many of the issues that affect us all living in Brighton and Hove, which many of you have raised either with me personally or at council meetings.

These include a commitment to recruiting 20,000 additional frontline police, ensuring that all EU nationals are welcomed and may stay in the UK, better local government funding, fixing the crisis in social care for the elderly, increasing ‘per pupil’ funding in our schools, dealing with climate change and introducing the changes required to bring about a carbon neutral economy.

There was much more, including access to fibre broadband for everyone in the UK and of course delivering on the democratic vote to leave the EU by Thursday, October 31.

I can see the intake of breath and raising of the eyebrows as people read this but we have been in a strange place during these past three years with MPs rowing among themselves rather than concentrating on the issues which most affect us in our daily living.

So this is the opportunity for a complete reset within Parliament and the county, to bring optimism and positivity, to start to speak up our country, to show the world why we are the fifth-largest economy and work to see further investment and confidence in the UK.

Boris Johnson has stated that he will deliver, unite and energise.

So I would ask that instead of taking the negatives and not believing in what we can do as a country, we just start to believe in what great things we can all achieve together.