Living With It, by Lizzie Enfield

This is a compelling family drama that concentrates the mind most wonderfully on nuances of family life.

Living With It, by Lizzie EnfieldThis is a compelling family drama that concentrates the mind most wonderfully on the detail and nuances of family life.

And what the consequences are of one decision made some time ago that seemed such a tiny little thing. But, as we all know, tiny little things have a habit of coming back to haunt us.

Isobel  - with the implicit agreement of her husband - chooses not to have her daughter jabbed with the MMR vaccine. Years later, the consequences are tragic for two very close friends and their small child. The tussles and dilemmas that any family has are magnified to breaking point in this vivid portrayal of family lives under the magnifying glass.

It is also incredibly snigger-making when it comes to two middle-class families going on holiday together. Enfield pinpoints the seemingly-trivial details that can make or break such an outing with a forensic attention to detail - and, in consequence, has us wincing and smiling at the same time.

The petty jealousies and the unspoken but very real tensions between the adults are only too familiar to us all, I suspect, and therefore make wonderful reading.

This is a stylish, understated book that can be read on many levels.

I read into the ending a different one than the author perhaps intended. Although I am not sure.

When one decision changes everything the outcome can indeed be lethal.

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