Looking for the local angle - with Tisserand

Argan Beauty Oil, £16
Argan Beauty Oil, £16

I like to incorporate a local angle on what is covered in the Pretty Good Thinking column.

I like to incorporate a local angle on what is covered in the Pretty Good Thinking column.

Tisserand product ranges are distributed from via Hove-based First Natural Brands (www.fnlbrands.com). So I am delighted to remind you that this business continues to source oils from all over the world with a guarantee they are 100% pure, organic, wild-crafted or ethically-harvested. Not only Soil Association certified and Vegan Society approved, but also easily found in Boots.

My collie dog and I are fastidious about smells while we are shuttered indoors with the heating on high. What a delight to try a ceramic heat-ring over a light bulb with a few drops of ginger essential oil. This makes my lounge smells less like a stable and more like a flower shop within five minutes. Really, there is something very energising about this richly-sophisticated scent; you can’t quite place it, but it is very stimulating.

The Tisserand winter trio also includes Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, which is extracted from the rind of the fruit grown in Italy. This invigorating oil has a mellow citrus- based aroma that blends well with frankincense, geranium, or lemongrass.

The third element is more widely recognised for its medicinal quality; organic eucalyptus oil, ranks equal with my other favourite, Tea Tree.

Distilled from leaves grown in Spain, this eucalyptus is a strong, fresh, and stimulating oil, with a piercing balsamic aroma - ideal for vaporisation to boost concentration and clear the head.

I love Argan oil for the face or hair. I prefer a spray dispenser for economy reasons, but this is ideal for cuticles so don’t be too sparing.

The Tisserand product is completely fragrance-free, which is a genuine plus if you have a pet that responds to every scent molecule.

The only thing I don’t enjoy with the unrefined stuff is the rather intense nutty smell. Argan Beauty Oil is an easy way round this, for just £16.

I get asked how to put these oils on hair. I apply over the areas to be treated (usually scalp or ends, but sometimes both) then wrap in a towel for an hour or longer.

It seems to dry or evaporate, but it is absorbed into the hair and skin. After a gentle shampoo, the condition of both hair and scalp are greatly soothed and revived with much greater shine and bounce.