Magazines 'R' Us

Tibbons has recently developed a rather expensive habit.

Tibbons has recently developed a rather expensive habit.

Every time we’re in the supermarket, he requests a new magazine. Of course, when I use the word “requests”, I should really say “demands”.

As day-to-day rather than weekly shoppers, we frequently find ourselves in one supermarket or another. It matters not to Tibbons whether it’s a Waitrose or a Tesco, a Co-op or a Sainsbury’s, he is resolute: supermarkets = magazines.

In the last week, I’ve spent about £12 on the things (which is about two at the current retail price) and also abandoned a shop as Tibbons made plain just how disappointed he was when I told him he couldn’t have another one.

This conundrum highlights several issues – first and foremost being my seeming inability to plan a week’s worth of meals and shop for them in one go. This is explained - in part, at least - by our tiny fridge and even more minuscule freezer. So it is not easily remedied.

Second is Daddy-O’s total hatred of online shopping (just for groceries you understand; for clothes and other consumer goods he keeps Royal Mail in business with his online purchases). He has a point, though. You can’t select items with the best appearance or shelf-life and there are always substitutions - although perhaps that’s a risk worth taking if it means no more magazine pressure?

But then again, surely the crux of the matter is that Tibbons can’t always have what he wants and we, as parents, have to stand firm and keep magazines as a once-a-week or even once-in-a-while treat? (He doesn’t really read them, but he likes the toys and stickers).

Unless I just view the £2.50 spend as a supermarket tax? It’s cheaper than a delivery charge for an online shop in any case…