Our Little Secret, by Jenna Ellis

With all the hoo ha over Fifty Shades of Grey, there has been an explosion in the genre.

OurLittleSecretCoverWith all the hoo ha over Fifty Shades of Grey (relax, it’s just a badly-written book), there has been a massive explosion in the genre.

And what is the genre exactly? Porn? Or erotica?

I think the definition is that porn makes you go "Eeeow" and erotica makes you go "Oooh". Yes, yes, I know - not scientific and probably not logical. But it works for me.

Anyway, at last, this is the book for all those moaners about Fifty Shades who want a well-written, well-plotted bit of oooh in their lives.

It’s a perfect beach read and the front cover is as classy as the contents. Sophie Henshaw answers an advertisement in The Lady to be a live-in nanny for the Parker family in upstate New York. She’s transported into a glamorous world of palatial mansions, designer clothes, and fast cars.

Her hosts, the uber-cool, good-looking, and undeniably-flirtatious Mr and Mrs Parker are a charismatic and charming couple, but there is something going on with them that Sophie is bewildered by.

The Parkers have a mysterious secret, and all is most definitely not what it seems. Sophie is out of her depth, and yet excited about the possibilities that life has in store for her with the wealthy and attractive Parkers.

Read this book to get back a certain amount of ooooh in your lives. On second thoughts, maybe don’t read it on the beach, perhaps the privacy of your own bedroom might be better.