Pavements are for pedestrians – not for selfish cyclists who flout the law

The danger that cyclists pose to other road-users is often over-estimated
The danger that cyclists pose to other road-users is often over-estimated

We can all cite examples of laws that are seen as discriminatory or unfair.

We can all cite examples of laws that are seen as discriminatory or unfair.

One bike...or two?

One bike...or two?

There are, however, some laws that are in place to protect people from dangerous situations. It goes without saying that only a complete fool will regularly flout these laws on a regular basis and, in effect, dice with death for absolutely no gain or real purpose.

There is a large group of people in our city who are prepared to do just that.

These people are prepared to travel round on flimsy things called bicycles and many - but not all, I hasten to add - can be seen on our roads and footpaths at night travelling without lights or luminous clothing.

I am not going to describe them in the usual cliché of "the small minority" In our city. I am sorry to say they are numerous, if not the majority.

The law clearly states: "At night, your cycle must have white front and red rear lights lit". The law also states: "You must not cycle on a pavement". And: "You must not cross the stop line when the traffic lights are red".

All very clear, as far as the rest of society is concerned. So how can it be possible that so many people in our city blatantly flout the law on a daily basis and get away with it.

I don't care what excuse the police want to use for seemingly turning a blind eye to this dangerous and inconsiderate loutish behaviour. As I and most other residents see it, these morons are breaking the law and we pay to have our streets policed. Which gives us a right to point out to the police that clearly they are not doing their job.

I am sure there would be a whole list of excuses: lack of manpower, weak council, unworkable laws, etc, etc, etc...

Well, if that's the case, the law needs changing to allow people to ride around on pavements, often at night without lights, and to constantly jump traffic signals.

Of course, this is a law that would never be changed because it would be deemed too dangerous by the courts. Please, however, don't continue letting us believe that little book laughingly called the Highway Code is anything other than science fiction - because we simply will not believe you.

This is not an anti-cycling rant either, dear cyclists. I couldn't really care whether any of you wear helmets and I care even less if you spend your entire life in cycle lanes, particularly in the rain.

What I do care about is that, while the rest of us are expected to abide by something called the law, many of you are simply thumbing your nose at society. Continually, blatantly breaking the law and seemingly getting away with it. It's high time something is done to remedy this nonsense

We - the rest of society - do not care if a cycle lane is closed either, because that is no excuse to ride on the pavement. Get off and walk like the rest of us, not mount the pavement and expect pedestrians to get out of your way.

In fact, try walking like the rest of us anyway. Who knows you might like it and, environmentally, it is even more eco-friendly than your bicycle. Save the planet and get on your feet.