Pretty Good Thinking: One for me, one for you?

Cucumber gift set
Cucumber gift set

Despite the mild weather, some of us are sniffling, so it must be time to ramp up preventative action.

Despite the mild weather, some of us are sniffling, so it must be time to ramp up preventative action. Following its Organic Greens Complex, Neals Yard Remedies is launching another superfood mix; Organic Berry Complex.

Benefits include cell protection and collagen boosting, plus immune system support with vitamin C-rich acerola cherry (£22 for 100g). I hope it tastes like the Beautiful Skin Tea with goji berries. I’m on a short nutrition course with Rani Louise at Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre and considering a Nutribullet to power up my breakfasts.

But as you can add the Organic Berry Complex to water, juice, smoothies, yoghurt, and cereal, I can skip on more gear because this portable radiance-boosting skin food offers inner and outer beauty without denting my wallet or cluttering the worktops.

As the season of giving draws closer, #pgt is shopping around to share the best natural gift sets and affordable ideas. I’m staying with a prevention tip to minimise the fluster of a hangover in the run up to party time.

Yes To started out in San Francisco, but you can find them at Boots, Holland and Barrett or Waitrose and online. Yes To Cucumber Soothing Skin set includes Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes (from compostable, FSC certified fabric), Daily Calming Moisturiser and a Calming Facial Mask skin-treat for £21.99. Cucumbers are packed with rejuvenating vitamins and cooling properties for sensitive skins. Yes To is 95% natural, cruelty-free and without parabens, petroleum or SLS. The other flavours are coconut, grapefruit, blueberry, tomato or carrot. If you like Superdrug three for two deals, bulk buy brushes now. The Four Piece ecoTOOLS Complexion Collection has cruelty-free bristles, recycled turquoise ferrules and sleek bamboo handles for £14.99 (usual RRP £19.99).

You get a Mattifying Finish Brush with duo-fibre head for a flawless finish with pressed or loose powder. The Skin Perfecting Brush evenly applies BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers. The Eye Perfecting Brush has a rounded tip to reduce tugging and The Correcting Concealer Brush has firm and dense bristles to optimise blending.

The recyclable PET and post-consumer recycled paper packaging is neat and pretty. I particularly love the timesaving self-wrap box plus gift tag and ribbon. A smaller ecoTOOLS Festive and Flawless five piece set is highly portable for an airbrush finish, £11.99. Its stubbier handles have silver ferrules that compliment the turquoise ones.