Sarah Morgan: Complicated and unexpected scents

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Wick Candle Boutique in Portland Road curates artisan candles from around the world. Roxanne and Anna source for everyone in terms of scent, style and substance. It isn’t all girly – some lines are packaged like craft beer!

‘The Bearded Candlemakers’ use a logo stamp and their earthy, hand-poured natural candles reflect the true smells of Ireland. ‘Midnight Mass’ has cedar wood and lemon to conjure the smell of old polish combined with frankincense. ‘A Real Turf Fire’ is akin to a ‘woolly hug in a can’ (soy wax smoked with Achill Island turf).

‘Boy Smells’ are urbane, with complex, unexpected scents and great wit. The sophisticated black jars are hand poured in LA with a proprietary blend of rich-burning beeswax and coconut oil and the post-Warhol pink boxes stack perfectly in the bedroom bathroom or lounge. I love the names ‘Coin’ (copper, rust, saffron and plug tobacco) and ‘Kush’ (with cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber).

Brooklyn-based design studio Joya advocate artisan production and storytelling through perfume. Their bespoke vessels are desirable in their own right. I tried a signature prism soy candle called Bone, which is a cherrywood fragrance in white slip cast porcelain by Ceramic artist Sarah Cihat in Nashville. Joya glass holders epitomise boho luxe in gold, black and silver – exquisite and highly bespoke.

Simplicity is key with Earl of East London, with hand-poured soy wax candles inspired by travel memories. Earl of East also work collaboratively with ceramicists, leather makers and other artisans. ‘Smoke & Musk’ is inspired by woodland cabins (a bespoke blend of green balsam fir, wood smoke, and musky patchouli).

Paris-based Rami Mekdachi says: “Perfumery is a souvenir opener, I love it.” LJH candles and fragrances conjure up particular places. A customer fave, ‘The Woody Office of Daddy’ drew me straight in with mahogany and sandalwood.

‘First Light’ is a hero scent by La Montaña (highly rated by India Knight and Sali Hughes), it blends wild fennel, rosemary, mountain pepper, and intoxicating rockrose combine to evoke a rural Spanish sunrise. Little pots of “JOY” in black boxes are affordable if you can’t settle on a scent. Snuffers, wick trimmers and beautiful oversized matches also compliment your choice, so get ribboned and go.

Wick is supporting Small Business Saturday (this Dec 3) and open 10-5pm from Tuesday to Saturday - 01273 911151.