Solution to sensitive skin from Purepotions

Brighton company uses natural ingredients in its skincare products.

Friday, 4th September 2015, 8:28 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 2:17 pm

Despite writing about sensitive skin for years, I've only had a couple of bouts of stress-related eczema myself, so I don't consider my skin to be very problematic.

That is, until I got an unwelcome bout of psoriasis for the first time a few weeks back. This is an auto-immune response whereby the skin cells begin to overproduce. It can affect people at any age, without warning.

I used my prescription hydrocortisone cream up fast, but the symptoms didn't shift much, and I wasn't liking the liquid paraffin/polythene base.

So I dug out my samplers by Brighton company Purepotions. Purepotions use only the highest-quality natural ingredients to make sure your skin is cared for in the gentlest way possible, without harsh chemicals, perfumes or parabens. Time to test their strap line 'for skin that needs help' with more than a little urgency.

The Skin Salvation Moisturising Ointment is very rich and contains wonderful ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil, which is extremely nourishing and rich in essential fatty acids (EFA's are often lacking in those with dry skin). The sizes start at £7.99 for a 30ml pot. To my great relief, Purepotions soothing Chamomile Baby Lotion is also helping to support my transition back to normal skin (£7.99 for 200ml).

It is not just us humans that suffer with dry, sore or itchy skin, pets do too. Patch test on them and go natural if you can. Check the whole range at

Meanwhile, to cheer myself up, I grabbed something garish that is neither ethical or organic, but boy is it fun! I could not resist the packaging and price point when I spotted PS Glow in the Dark Nail Polish for £1.50 at Primark.

I recommend three even coats for this to perform on its own (easy to apply although the odour is very strong while wet, so its a blessing that this dries really quickly). You can also glide it over other colours if you want a contrast.

I should point out that the shocking pink one only shines under UV light, and it then becomes orange - so don't expect an instant glow the second you switch the lights off. I won't dwell on the chemical ingredients, but this would look amazing if you go clubbing, or just fancy bold twinkly toes before your tan fades into autumn.