Surviving festivals and summer weather

A pack of men's hemp grooming essentials
A pack of men's hemp grooming essentials

This month is all about being outdoorsy with our coastal weather variants.

This month is all about being outdoorsy with our coastal weather variants. I’m carrying a voluminous scarf everywhere; it seems to function as an all-round shield, shelter, and sailing aid.

Beauty-wise there are a ton of treats accumulating in the Pretty Good kitty. So far, I’m rather charmed by the Mini Festival Survival Kit put together by the good folk at Naissance.

I could use it at our annual Pride rave-up, but I will test it for real with the Brighton Odditorium massive at the Wilderness Festival in Oxford next month.

The festival survival kit includes a sparkly pot of Aloe Vera body-glitter fairy dust (absolutely crucial, this stuff!), Bentley Organic anti-bac hand-sanitiser, earth-friendly chamomile baby wipes, Aloe Vera seaweed gel, and Naissance Tea Tree shampoo - which all comes in at under £18.

My colleague is busy testing the Naissance Hemp for Men grooming essentials gift pack and I’ll let you know how he gets on with it all at his gym. You get a 50ml shaving oil and 100ml shampoo, plus a 100ml Hemp for Men Bath and Shower Gel.

Hemp oil sounds all tough and hardcore, but it actually contains fatty acids that nourish and moisturise to support the skin. The pure and natural ingredients clean gently, leaving you refreshed and hydrated. The trio is free from any artificial chemicals, preservatives, parabens or sulphates. At £9.99 (flannel included), it’s a nice buy - and the bottle-sizes conform to British airport regulations if you are flying.

Purepotions are an ethical Brighton brand and they sent us some terrific little balms and lovely baby care to try. I look forward to sharing more feedback for you from a friend who is a new mum. But we’ll just have to wait until her little bundle is ready for her first massage. Their blogpost about cortisol and stress is really insightful, if you sometimes live with dry skin or eczema. I am about embark on some skin salvation with their dry skin hero.

I’ll also keep some Lavender Rescue Salve close to hand as the safflower and olive oil helps with sunburn and chapped lips. And the organic lavender can soothe me if this summer gets any more hectic.