The Bones of You, by Debbie Howel

This is one of those books that started a bidding war among publishers.

BonesOfYouCoverThis is one of those books that started a bidding war among publishers. Which is always exciting - and even more exciting for the author, of course. A debut novel causing a fuss in the world of books is a rare enough event and should certainly be celebrated.

This is a page-turner of a book about a family being torn apart and a community being forced to look at itself with new eyes.

An 18-year-old girl, Rosie Anderson goes missing and the idyllic village she lives in will never be the same again.

Gardner Kate, who has a daughter Rosie’s age, is struck with guilt over the disappearance and becomes more and more obsessed by the mystery of who killed her. The police investigation provides leads, but Kate is convinced that they are missing something.

Could she be right? Was Rosie’s life more complicated that anyone ever dreamed?

We are told the story from two perspectives; Kate’s and Rosie’s. And it is brilliantly done. We hear Rosie’s story as her life flashes before her eyes, and the family that she was born into is most definitely not what it seems.

Then, as we read Kate’s story, we understand more about her obsession with the details of the missing girls life.

This is a wonderful book about a community in shock and the fall-out of a missing and murdered young girl. If you love suspense and thrillers with a twist and a difference, you’ll love this.

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