The eyes have it

The new Once collection is stunning
The new Once collection is stunning

The new Once collection from Illamasqua is stunning.

The new Once collection from Illamasqua is stunning. I made a serious beeline for the vintage metallix eye colour in Bibelot (£16.50).

Melange sports a greeny-blue velvet base

Melange sports a greeny-blue velvet base

This creamy, buildable smudgy colour evokes Biba in a single pot, 2014 style. The shade is olivey green, with a golden hum in the background. There are so many ways to wear this and it gives off attitude in spades.

Pair a metallic eye with amazing nail polish. Like absinthe for your fingertips, Melange sports a greeny-blue velvet base shot through with a sandy-gold metallic finish - an instant hit with major staying power (£14.50).

I don’t feel dressed without a dab of iridescent Aurora highlighter (£20), the gleam that makes this campaign so ethereal. Buy online at or visit the flagship store and School of Make-Up Art in Beak Street, London.

I introduced Aveda’s Romantic Grandeur collection last week to reflect the season’s trend of icy pastels juxtaposed with warmer flushes. The Petal Essence Eye Definer pencil comes in Delphinium and Fresh Plum (£14). Its ingredients are drawn from Jasmine petals and Geranium leaves. I used it to mark along the waterline and discretely accent. As it’s not a soft "khol", it gives only a hint of intensity by the lashes. For impact, smudge out at the corners for a grown-up - rather than attention-seeking - result.

I’ll take any excuse to be pale and interesting, but I am still as addicted to eyeliner as ever. I just tried Illamasqua’s Precision Ink in Havoc (£20) for a plummy hit.

This wonderfully-dark, enticing shade really brings out the mischief in green eyes. I normally choose a dense black for brown eyes, but this gives a cool wintery warmth with auburn hair. It stayed put for 14 hours during a work trip, so I’m delighted by the lack of cracking or wear, despite reading glasses. It seems waterproof, too.

Lastly, Aveda Petal Essence Single Eye Colors are flower wax-infused with a light floral aroma. The shades are Golden Cypress, Ivory Lotus, All Spice, Gypsum Grey, Winter Lilac and Aubergine (£12.50). I went purple again and can’t wait to get the Scottish mohairs out to match these heathery tones.

There is an Aveda shop in Duke Street, Brighton, so pop by for a minty lipstick with your autumn eyewear. The Shine salon, in Gloucester Road, Brighton, is also handy for Aveda haircare.