The Lazy Journalist at the King Alfred - A new gym but testing times ahead

Steve Holloway
Steve Holloway

May is a joyous month in Brighton and Hove.

It’s fun and culture aplenty as the city goes slightly giddy with the excitement of the Brighton Festival, The Fringe, the Foodies Festival and The Great Escape Music Festival.

Pyrotechnic elegance at the first birthday party of The Ivy in the Lanes, Brighton SUS-190805-232410001

Pyrotechnic elegance at the first birthday party of The Ivy in the Lanes, Brighton SUS-190805-232410001

All good stuff and I’ve already seen some amazing Brighton Festival shows and at the time of writing I’m on the eve of the Great Escape.

From a health and fitness point of view that would be all fine and dandy if, as someone once shouted from the stage of the Woodstock Festival, it was ‘three days of fun and music, and nothing but fun and music’.

But experience has shown me that it tends to be more like, ‘three days of fun and music, and quite a lot of burgers, fried noodles, and crisps.”

So, I’m a little fearful of losing some of the hard-fought momentum I’ve gained in recent weeks, but I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple of gym sessions at some point (my nose suddenly and inexplicably grew by 12 inches as I typed that).

The gym at the King Alfred Centre SUS-190513-144650001

The gym at the King Alfred Centre SUS-190513-144650001

Progress towards the body beautiful was also slightly hampered by another event, this week.

The striking figure in the photo hasn’t just started a new, and slightly dangerous, fire juggling exercise class at the Prince Regent studio, but was a fabulous entertainment turn at the first birthday party of The Ivy in the Lanes, Brighton.

My diet has been relatively steady, if not spectacular, but I was undone for one evening at this rather swish do.

As Oscar Wilde would have quipped, if he’d been there, ‘I can resist everything except canapés’.

Elsewhere, there has been one positive development during an absurdly busy week – I’ve spread my wings to the King Alfred.

My gym membership covers seven venues operated by Freedom Leisure across Brighton and Hove (King Alfred, Moulsecoomb Community Leisure Centre, Portslade Sports Centre, Prince Regent Swimming Complex, Stanley Deason Leisure Centre, Withdean Sports Complex, and St Luke’s Swimming Pool).

It was nice to be back at the old place, because it was one of the many establishments I’ve frequented in the past – I’ve had more gyms than most people have had haircuts.

The reception area could perhaps do with a bit of TLC and a wash and brush up, but the gym itself is still looking good and was pleasantly quiet on a Saturday afternoon.

There were plenty of machines, including something which was a combination of a stepper and cross trainer.

This was especially good because in the cross-trainer mode it had a much deeper stride than others, which was particularly useful because my busted old back still stops me from running, but at least with this machine I could build up a bit of a head of steam.

There’s also a fitness studio attached, which while not quite as impressive as its much newer equivalent at the Prince Regent, is full of interesting looking stuff. I have my eye on the big workout ropes and would like to be shown how to do that funny exercise where you shake them like a demented old sailor.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be back soon.

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