The Versions of Us, by Laura Barnett

This is a "what if" book. What if you hadn’t lost your keys...

VErsionsOfUsCoverThis is a "what if" book. What if you hadn’t lost your keys and had to call a locksmith out in the dead of the night and missed meeting the love of your life?

What if you hadn’t lost your keys and you hadn’t met the locksmith - and had gone years and years before meeting the second best thing?

Those tiny, insignificant actions that unbeknown to us turn our lives upside down are explored here in this enchanting, gripping book.

This is a love story told three ways. A young man is walking down a country road, a woman on a bike swerves to avoid a dog. That’s it. From this mundane incident, three different life stories unfold. Jim and Eva. Not forgetting Eva’s lover, David.

The three stories all cleverly interwoven tell three very different lives lived.

This has the makings of a huge bestseller written all over it and Barnett has done something extremely rare in creating this wonderful book. Lives filled with love, betrayal and ambition, all of which are totally believable and completely enthralling.

I think it helps if you believe in fate, as it seems that we are all prone to being players in our own version of life.

What if...? Two tiny words that can change everything it seems. Moments that seem without significance can alter our whole way of loving and living.

This is a literary Sliding Doors and I loved it.