Tom Flint: Fluffy pancakes and coffee with butter

Advanced pancakes and bullet proof coffee
Advanced pancakes and bullet proof coffee

Café culture is well and truly a part of our city, in fact Brighton was named the coffee capital of the UK in 2014. Everywhere you look there will more than likely be a café in sight and it is rumoured that wherever you are in the city, you will be no more than 100 yards from a café (I may have just made that up).

One local café that is looking to build a reputation for its pancakes is Nowhere Man on Upper North Street.

Anyone who has read my blog or follows me on Instagram will have seen numerous pancake posts. I have developed quite a penchant for the fluffy American style pancakes as a weekend breakfast treat. With such an extensive knowledge of the subject area I felt well placed to pass judgement on Nowhere Man’s offerings.

The café has a suitably rock n roll feel to it in keeping with its name. The walls are plastered with gig posters both new and old, and the furniture appears to have been sourced directly from the 1970s. You would be forgiven for thinking you had walked into a retro furniture shop instead of a café.

The menu features a variety of different pancake-based breakfasts all consisting of a triple stack ranging from the “beginner pancakes” with maple butter at £4.95 up to the “All American Dream” option that combines bacon, egg, cream, maple butter and blueberry compote for £8.95. Being an experienced pancake eater, but not quite fancying the extravagance of the full monty option, I go for the ‘Advanced Pancakes’ that come with bacon and scrambled egg for £6.95. The menu also includes purely sweet options such as chocolate or banana pancakes and of course there are optional extras. For the non-pancake eater their bagel selection offers some respite.

I am not a big coffee drinker but am intrigued by their ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ option which I am told is made using coconut oil and butter. This health fad coffee trend is supposed to result in a slower release keeping the buzz going for longer. It tastes interesting, with an oily texture that is not unpleasant, if a little different, and I quite like it.

My pancakes certainly look the part with a decent helping of crisp bacon and scrambled eggs on the side. I drown them in the maple sauce and tuck straight in. I am told the recipe is from a famous New York pancake house and they have a light fluffy texture that is not claggy from being under cooked or overly dense. As pancakes go they are tasty and filling, which is the best you can ask for. I work my way through and thoroughly enjoy my breakfast.

Nowhere Man is a great little café that offers respite and refreshment away from the bustling centre of Brighton.

With a homely feel and a filling breakfast at an honest price it is the perfect spot for a leisurely bite to eat.