Tom Flint: Healthy options for everyone to enjoy

Healthy food at the Body Fuel Caf�
Healthy food at the Body Fuel Caf�

I have always considered myself to be someone who generally eats well. Unfortunately, my definition of eating well is quite different to the sort that many attempt around this time of year. It turns out that eating well and eating healthily are not necessarily the same thing.

The main issue for me is that healthy foods are generally not as enjoyable as those that aren’t. Add to that my penchant for all things boozy and keeping trim seems an uphill struggle. There are many amongst us who do not have this problem; in fact, I live with one. My girlfriend is heavily into weight training and nutrition which makes for a very yin and yang home life. We don’t get to eat together very often, apart from on cheat days, so when I was asked to try the new Body Fuel Café in Hove I knew who would appreciate an invite.

The Body Fuel café is run by business partners Jason and Verity. They are keen to stress that the Body Fuel Café is not a health food shop for fitness fanatics, it is for anyone who wants a balanced healthy meal that is not based on a faddy diet.

We paid them a visit for lunch on a Saturday and there was a steady stream of customers and lots of interest from passers-by. The lunch menu is a salad bar format with set choices or a build your own option. Breakfasts include staples such as granola, pancakes, porridge and lots of egg based dishes. Add to this a range of smoothies and a kid’s menu and it would appear they have most bases covered.

I opt for the Muscle Maker salad (£8) with steak and brown rice and my girlfriend has the Protein Packed (£6.50) containing chicken and sweet potato. From the smoothie menu (all £4.95) we have the Rehydration and Not Naughty, Definitely Nice options. The food arrives quickly and the meat is all cooked to order meaning that it is hot and has not been sat around drying out. My steak is pink in the middle and the chicken is moist which makes the most of the protein. The GF approves of both salads stating that they contain all the required macro-nutrients (fats, carbs etc to you and me) that you need in a meal.

In terms of taste they are both satisfying in a “I know this is good for me and doing me good” sort of way and isn’t full of random unpleasant things. It was never going to be Michelin-star food, but there are plenty of different elements and flavours to keep it interesting. Both smoothies are packed with flavour and goodness, and they even have healthy puddings including a Snickers bar made with dates.

The Body Fuel café offers its customers the option of simple healthy food at an honest price. You can either eat in or take away and they will soon be offering delivery. The food is filling, clean and accessible containing ingredients that everyone will be comfortable with. It is a healthy option for everyone to enjoy, even slightly hungover restaurant reviewers.