Tony Janio: City’s ruling Labour party is at war with itself

Cllr Tony Janio, leader of the Conservatives on Brighton and Hove City Council
Cllr Tony Janio, leader of the Conservatives on Brighton and Hove City Council

At the recent Budget Council meeting I warned that ‘our city is clearly in the middle of a crisis: with a Labour Administration at war with itself’.

I was challenged about these assertions but Warren Morgan, the Labour leader, resigned shortly after; indicating he had been forced out by the hard-left in the Labour Party.

A member of the local Labour Party, and leading Momentum supporter, then wrote in a blogpost that ‘The Labour Party is no longer the party he (Warren) joined’.

He continued to say that ‘Thankfully, with the ascendancy of Jeremy Corbyn and the policies he epitomises, the few have lost. And the many have won’.

I believe the ‘many’ he describes are the hordes of Momentum hard-left activists across the city.

But that was not all.

He then described a leaked email that Warren is alleged to have sent in 2016 claiming that ‘Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party had been taken over by Trotskyists, by entryists, by socialists’.

Many moderates within the Labour party will not stand, or not be re-selected, for the local elections in May 2019, and the question that the residents of Brighton and Hove should now ask is – ‘what does The Labour Party stand for’?

Perhaps it is easier to define what it does not.

It does not seek to boost growth across the city; not educate our children well; not seek to keep our streets moving.

It is a party intent on forcing through a hard-left experiment, with potentially tragic consequences, on our city.

If you only hear the ‘Tory leader’ trying to scare you, then the words from the same blogspot should make you shudder - ‘Change is coming.

Nothing and no individual can stand in the way of our common endeavour: a socialist majority on Brighton and Hove City Council in May next year’.

If you, your family or your friends find these remarks chilling – so do I.

But there is now no doubt – the residents of Brighton and Hove face an epic struggle against the forces of the hard-left over the coming months.

Cllr Tony Janio is the leader of the Conservative Group on Brighton & Hove City Council