Tony Janio: Conservatives want to provide opportunities for everyone

Cllr Tony Janio, leader of the Conservatives on Brighton and Hove City Council SUS-180215-140221001
Cllr Tony Janio, leader of the Conservatives on Brighton and Hove City Council SUS-180215-140221001

So we now know that a ‘caretaker’ has been inserted into the leadership of the local Labour party: Momentum surely won’t accept ‘The Moderate from Moulsecoomb’ leading forever – will they?

I, another moderate, have been re-selected as the Conservative leader, and we are now set for the next local elections. But an exchange on Twitter about my avatar, of all things, led me to question what motivates anybody to seek public office in the first place?

My Twitter avatar freezes in time a conversation with a very famous rock guitarist: used because it appears I am showing him how to play a guitar chord. A subtle ironic twist, as I am a guitarist with little talent! Breaking into an ‘amusing little exchange’ on Twitter about my avatar, a ‘lefty’ loses his sense of humour with an unsolicited political rant - ‘Didn’t know he liked Tories though. Maybe he wasn’t aware’. There was, of course, no political discussion taking place, but those on the left think of little else other than political point scoring.

Conservatives put dogma aside when attempting to improve society. Conservatives strive to provide equal opportunities for all, irrespective of background or wealth. Conservatives create practical solutions that give everyone the right to work hard and succeed; whilst forming a sustainable social security system for those in need. Labour seek to overthrow the economic and political structures that have seen the biggest fall in global poverty, Conservatives seek to address problems and rectify them – instead of demanding anarchy and chaos. The ‘left’ constantly seek to impose (failed) socialist experimentation on an often unwilling populace. This is the recent story of Brighton and Hove: the Greens were unprepared, and their soft-left administration eventually imploded, whereas Labour, clueless from the start, pushed ahead with the experiment anyway!

Many Labour members are now wondering why on earth they remain in a party dominated by the hard left – and threatening a genuine hard-left experiment on our city - and there is talk of a new moderate party being formed by Labour MPs and councillors unable to stomach campaigning for a Corbyn Government. Perfect for any local Labour councillors forced to use their political parachutes after being deselected by Momentum.

How on earth did a discussion of an avatar lead me to this? I suppose because those on the left often ‘point score’, but seldom have the courage to follow through with real actions: what a relief for moderates such as the new local Labour leader, and me.

P.S…Last week we saw the making of a Conservative Mayor, Cllr Dee Simpson. Dee’s charity work, public service, and community activism have already given her an excellent reputation; I am sure that the coming year will propel that reputation to meteoric heights. Dee’s aims and objectives are exciting and refreshing. With impressive targets for charitable fundraising, a dynamic programme of promotions for good causes locally, and a keen desire to attract and secure new investment in our city, from both national and international sources, I know that Dee will do great things for our city.

Tony Janio is the leader of the Conservatives on Brighton and Hove City Council.