Tony Janio: We will scrutinise how Labour spends your cash

Tony Janio
Tony Janio

If we were to listen to the media, we are living through ‘strange and unpredictable political times’.

However, a moment of reflection shows us that human nature is programmed to allow bad experiences to fade as time passes. This allows history to repeat itself in waves of contradictions: if this phenomena did not exist then who would ever return to the dentist after their first filling!

So, with the memory of past failed Labour Governments fading, and a recent Conservative Party manifesto that withdrew the hope of a better future to many in our society: is it any wonder that the ‘Cult of Corbyn’ has moved to centre stage? Even the Labour council leader, a Blairite Corbyn-basher, appears to have forgotten how embarrassed he was about his leader before the election. But now, given Corbyn’s almost acceptable showing at the General Election, he is also now trapped in the ‘Cult of Corbyn’ and he writes in glowing terms about Labour’s election performance. If we scratch the surface, however, there are dangers lurking and the contradictions within Labour will soon surface. A glaring example is Labour’s national commitment to force all companies who carry out public contracts to recognise trade unions, while locally the Labour council has been criticised in an independent report that describes the council’s relationship with the trade unions as ‘dysfunctional’.

As the ward councillor for Hangleton and Knoll, I am focussed on supporting residents to the best of my ability and, as leader of the Conservative Group I take my wider responsibilities to the city very seriously. Whatever national politics throws at us, I will focus on what is best for our city. Fine words, I hear you say, but what does this means in practical terms? It means holding the Labour Administration to account when it starts to spend wantonly, trying to bribe you with your own money, and that any proposals to increase a still bloated council bureaucracy, while complaining that services are being cut, will be fought with vigour. The residents would not forgive us if we allow Labour’s natural tax and waste philosophy to ruin our local economy just as the national scene is improving.

Tony Janio is the leader of the Conservatives on Brighton and Hove City Council.