Us, by David Nicholls

This is a deeply-felt book, written by the master of the light hand.

UsCoverThis is a deeply-felt book, written by the master of the light hand. It covers the long-forgotten joys and upsets of a marriage.

Love in all its forms is between these pages. And, if you loved One Day, I can guarantee that this will soon become a favourite re-read.

I can think of no writer other than William Nicholson, who writes about married love with such warmth, understanding, and affection. It also helps, of course, that it’s very funny indeed.

Connie and Douglas are going through a bad patch in their marriage, but a grand European holiday has long been booked. Connie decides that they should go ahead with it, so they and their troubled son embark on a family Grand Tour.

The results are everything that you could possibly hope for. As we whizz through various European countries - along with a picked-up busker, forgotten passport, heatwaves, and sunburn - the book jumps backwards in time to pick up on the courtship of Connie by Douglas.

She’s the arty one. He isn’t. Or so he thinks. I defy anyone not to fall a little in love with Douglas.

Naturally, the writing is deft and polished and accomplished - and the plot is dazzling, with subtle complexities.

This is an honest portrayal of a marriage in trouble and we are never in any doubt as to who the winner will be.

Love steals the crown. Joy, sadness, laughter, and tears are all mingled in this wonderful book.