Wes Game: Top tips for exhibitions

Wes Game
Wes Game

Brighton Chamber of Commerce is organising three mini-seminars for the Let’s Do Business Brighton exhibition show on 11 May 2017. Wes Game from the Let’s Do Business Group gives us his top 10 tips on what makes a great exhibition stand.

I’ve attended dozens of national and local exhibitions and have been involved with the Let’s Do Business Expos for many years now.  

I have seen some interesting sights, both good and bad.

So what are my top tips?

1. Preparation

Like most things in life, the better you prepare the greater the success.  Don’t leave it to the last minute and then be dictated by circumstances.  

2. Set yourself a goal/target

Think about what you want to achieve and write it down, even if it’s just in an email to your staff or a colleague.  

3. Dare to be different

You need to stand out and be interactive. I’ve seen wine/beer tastings, chocolate locusts, a roulette table, Wii games, “grab a grand”, Scalextric, guess the weight of, and of course food.

4. Get the right staff

Make sure any staff with you buy in to what you are trying to achieve.  

They may see it as going beyond what they usually do, so think about how to reward them.  

5. Stand, don’t sit

Sitting behind a desk does not encourage people to stop and talk to you.  

It’s up to you to engage with them.

6. Smile

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve stopped to talk to someone purely because they have smiled and started talking to me!  

People like talking to happy people.

7. Turn your phone off

Focus 100 per cent on what you are there to do.

Treat it like a customer appointment; you wouldn’t keep looking at your phone when dealing with a new client face to face.

8. Ask questions and listen

Don’t just try to sell.

Ask about the person and their business. Invest a little time.  

9. Ask for contact details

Don’t be afraid to ask to exchange contact details.

Maybe explain if you are going to add their details into your newsletter emails or that they will be entered into a prize drawn.  

10. Follow up

Even if it’s a group email just to say thanks for visiting.  Ideally a personal email is best – just make sure you follow up.

Join Brighton Chamber at the Brighton Expo - exhibitor stand bookings are now open http://www.letsdobusiness.org/brighton-expo/.