When Tibbons and I became park pioneers

Ladies and gents, it’s official: Tibbons and I are park pioneers.

Ladies and gents, it’s official: Tibbons and I are park pioneers. Together, we have been transforming the landscape of many a Sussex playground (well, at least two of them). Trendsetters, that’s us.

Where once there was an unused, unloved arch under a climbing frame, now there are queues of children eager to follow in our footsteps, playing a game of “baristas”.

Naturally, this particular example was in Hove, actually.

It all started a month or so ago. Tibbons and I adopted our usual stance: me increasingly uncomfortable in a pose meant only for a frog; Tibbons placing order after order for various caffeinated beverages. I would worry he’d get hyper on so much caffeine, but he always orders a small and I don’t think the imaginary stuff is as strong as the real thing.

Anyhow, our game was observed by a little girl who happened to walk by this usually-neglected area of the playground and, at the same time, we were spotted by a boy on the monkey bars. They watched what we were up to for about 30 seconds, after which time Tibbons spotted a football in the distance and ran after it with his hands in the air shouting “Goal!”.

Imagine our surprise when, Tibbons having discovered that he couldn’t just take someone else’s football, we returned to see that the usual no man’s land was occupied - by two rival coffee firms! Once we got over the shock, we put in an order with each of the enterprising young types and this time I got to enjoy the sensation of drinking an imaginary caffeinated beverage, too - though still having to adopt the posture of an amphibian, which somewhat took the shine off the experience.

Of course, we’ll know we’re really pioneers if the site is still occupied when we next return.

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