Brighton is the city most people complain about parking, new data shows

In data revealing the top 10 places people complain about parking, Brighton came first.

Saturday, 14th August 2021, 3:27 pm
Brighton Road. Photo from Google Maps

Co Wheels Car Club looked at which cities are complaining about parking the most based off Google search statistics and city populations.

Brighton came in top spot with more than 3,500 searches for every 100k people in the city. Bournemouth came in second and Bristol third.

The south makes up eight of the top 10.

Top 10 cities based on search numbers per 100k people:

Brighton and Hove - 3576.73

Bournemouth - 2953.66

Bristol - 2234.75

Edinburgh - 2151.42

Manchester - 1962.06

Norwich - 1571.9

Reading - 1570.92

Leeds - 1531.79

London - 1508.1

Portsmouth - 1483.59

Data from Co Wheels Car Club. More information at: