Deaf and blind dog among four with permanent sight problems taken in by Brighton RSPCA and now ready to be rehomed

Four dogs brought into the RSPCA Brighton had such bad eye issues they have been left with permanently damaged sight.

Thursday, 17th June 2021, 10:38 pm
Updated Friday, 18th June 2021, 12:02 am
Beryl the spaniel is deaf and blind
Beryl the spaniel is deaf and blind

One of the spaniels brought into the branch's care by inspectors has been left deaf and blind.

All four dogs – called Beryl, Bossy, Arthur and Brenda – now need new homes.

RSPCA Brighton said sweet-natured Beryl was the worst affected losing her sight and hearing.

Bossy also has permanently damaged sight and needs a home

RSPCA Brighton branch manager Jenny Eden said: “Beryl makes up for her disabilities with a keen sense of smell so she is always first in line when there are any treats to be had.

“She needs a quiet, patient home where her new owners can work with her to help her cope with her disabilities.

“But she is a sweet natured, friendly little dog who wants to love everyone despite what has happened to her.”

Jenny said the dedicated team of animal care staff at the Patcham-based animal centre have been working hard to get Beryl and her friends ready for rehoming for the past three months.

Arthur the spaniel was also brought into RSPCA Brighton with damaged sight

When they originally came in they had eye conditions, matted fur and skin issues. But thanks to the care they have received they can now learn to cope with their sight issues and trust new people.

To offer a home to Beryl or the other dogs please go to RSPCA Brighton’s website

Because of Covid the shelter, at the end of Braypool Lane, Patcham, is currently open by appointment only.

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