‘Pokémon GO’ helped a Hove man to lose weight and keep active

A popular app has helped a Hove man on a weight loss journey he embarked on earlier this year.

Monday, 21st October 2019, 6:30 pm
George Hinton before his weight loss

George Hinton, 18, joined WW (previously Weight Watchers) in January 2018 after his mother, Nicky Hinton, 49, also joined the programme.

The pair have lost a combined ten stone since joining the popular weight-loss programme.

“I decided to lose weight for health reasons. I was told my blood sugar was quite high, and this was one of the factors to begin my trigger moment. I saw the success of my mother’s journey and made the decision after Christmas of 2018 to join in the new year” George said.

A photograph of Nicky before her weight loss M_DAWLxkkMIEhjXlgNxY

Having now lost 2 stone and 13lb, George, who is a nursery assistant, said ‘it hasn’t been easy’ but attributes his more active lifestyle to the popular app, Pokémon GO.

“I definitely make healthier choices now. I have started to cook and I find the WW cookbooks help with that.

“I do more walking now, with the help of an app called Pokémon GO. It provides me with an incentive to keep walking, and I find myself going out of my way to walk further” he said.

Even though he has undergone several lifestyle changes, George said he ‘didn’t have to change much’ to see a difference.

George after his 2st 13lb weight loss, he says that Pokemon GO helps him to be more active.

“People began noticing that I look better, which definitely improved my self esteem. Some of the children at work also noticed which is just amazing! I feel more confident in myself, and I know I can achieve anything” he said.

Nicky Hinton lost 7 stone 2lb after changing her eating habits and exercise regime, actions that inspired George to do the same.

“It was December 2017 and my friend Tina and I said that we needed to do something to lose weight so we decided WW was the way forward and joined in the new year! It was for health reasons too.” Nicky said.

“Initially the weight loss was consistent but after a while I had to incorporate activity. It’s been an up-and-down journey but of course you expect that”

Nicky says she has dropped three dress sizes after her weight loss. laoy-aJ7PCtHnciHegAq

Nicky says she has ‘a lot more energy’ and has ‘dropped three dress sizes’.

The keys to her success include eating more fruit and vegetables, attending water aerobics, and seeing her personal trainer three times a month.

George and Nicky now continue to support one another in making healthy choices and encourage others to proactively make healthy choices and stick to them.

Nicky Hinton celebrates her weight-loss