Schools, businesses and churches in Brighton don woolly hats to prevent homelessness

Individuals and groups across Brighton and Hove will wear woolly hats later this month as part of a campaign to prevent homelessness.

Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 3:14 pm
Children take part in Woolly Hat Day, photo by Lel Hurst Photography

Woolly Hat Day will take place on Friday, February 28 and Project Antifreeze, set up in 1997 by charity Off The Fence to prevent homeless deaths, is encouraging the public to support the campaign.

The charity estimates that there are ten new cases of rough sleeping in the city every week.

This is why the project gives warm clothes, hot drinks, and food to the homeless at their day centre on Portland Road, Hove. Health care and support with housing and benefits is also provided.

A 2018 survey by the Galvanise Connections Project found that 60 per cent of homeless people had ended up back on the streets after being housed.

Project Antifreeze is working to prevent this by providing practical support and mental health support to those who are newly housed.

The House-Reach initiative run by the charity provides weekly visits to ensure that those who have been recently housed have gas, electricity, and food.

Health problems among the newly housed may go unaddressed due to being unable to travel to appointments, according to the charity.

It is because of these problems that home visits are key according to Antifreeze House-Reach worker Mary Moss

“It’s good to have a chat and to see if there’s anything in their behaviour that’s out of character,” she said.

“It’s so important just to have the chance to say, ‘Are you ok?’ as well as to check on their practical needs.”

Woolly hat wearers can donate £1 to Off The Fence by texting ‘WOOL’ to 70085.

Those wishing to donate more can text the amount they’d like to donate next to the word WOOL i.e. WOOL20 to donate £20.

More details about woolly hat day and fundraising can be found by emailing [email protected] or visiting this website.